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Auto Detailing is the fine art of maintaining and restoring the cosmetic beauty of an automobile’s exterior and interior surfaces.

tete-dune-femme-lisantArt – Just as Picasso would select a specific brush, paint color and canvas, so too a professional auto detailer will select the proper tool and product for your vehicle. Keeping your investment looking like showroom condition or restoring your vehicle to a fresh, clean and sparkling beauty again is what we do.

We perform our art with professional detailing tools and skill. Knowledge, experience and professional training enable us to deliver you auto detailing as a “True Art Form”.


chemical-molecular-diagram-vector-material-16718Science – Vehicle’s are comprised of various types of materials and textures and proper product selection is important for safe removal of surface contaminates. We use organic based products combined with state of the art European steam cleaning leaving behind clean, fresh, and germ free interiors . “Get the Feeling of Stepping into a Brand New Car.” Your vehicle’s exterior is also cleaned with organic based products and steam to reduce water usage. DiFiore’s commitment to our environment. A wide variety of precision buffers, pads and superior professional products allow us to machine buff your vehicle to a deep rich swirl free shine with amazing results. Proper surface preparation ensures that the protection you choose to seal and protect your vehicle will bond and interlock with the chrome, plastics and painted surfaces.


Whether it’s a thorough hand wash and seal to a full paint restoration job, we’ll make the exterior of your vehicle shine!

Ask about our Nano Glass Coatings.

The Ultimate Paint Protection!

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European steam cleaning of your vehicle’s interior is the first choice for industry professionals. Your vehicle will be clean and germ free as well.

Your vehicle’s interior will be manicured using safe, organic, Ph balanced products.

“Get the Feeling of Stepping into a Brand New Car!”

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Add-On Services

Headlight Restoration
Color Fill and Scratch Removal
Smoke Odor and Stain Removal

Love a Pro Detailer Wash & Maintenance Kits Available

WeatherTech floor liners & accessories
All Extang and Thule Products
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Detailing Services

Best Express Detailing (recommended for maintained vehicles)

Car/2door Truck $150 Small SUV/ Truck/ Wagon $200 Large 4 door Truck, SUV, Van -$250


  • Hand Wash Vehicle (micro fiber mitts and towels used to prevent scratching and marring)
  • Light Cleaning to Remove Bugs/Tar/Road Grime
  • Tires, Wheels, Wheel Wells Cleaned
  • Door Jambs/ Gas Cap Area Cleaned
  • Professional High Gloss Sealant Applied
  • Exterior Trim and Tires Dressed


  • Interior Vacuumed (including trunk and seat crevices)
  • Light Clean Dash/Console/Panels/Pockets
  • Leather Treated
  • Matte Finish Protectant Applied to Vinyl
  • Windows Mirrors Cleaned

Like New (Recommended for vehicles in good condition)

Car/2 door truck $300 Small SUV/ Truck /Wagon $400 Large 4 door truck, SUV/van – $475. Third row seats add $25.

  • All Express Services Included
  • Clay
  • Wax
  • Light Spot & Stain Removal
  • Steam Rugs & Mats

Conditions of vehicle’s vary and your needs are unique. We recommend that you visit our shop for a one on one consultation and will we customize your detail to fit your needs.

Old Cars like New (recommended for challenged vehicles)

If your vehicle has been neglected we have solutions to help you. We have revived thousands of vehicles for over 25 years.

Exterior – Oxidation, heavy scratching, mineral and water spots, tar, iron.
Interior – Heavy stains, food, excessive dirt and sand, grease, pet hair, smoke, odor, mold, water damage, bio-hazards, etc.

Conditions of vehicle’s vary and your needs are unique. We recommend that you visit our shop for a one-on-one consultation and will we customize your detail to fit your needs.

New Cars Better than New (Recommended for the one you Love)

New vehicles, Classics, Show Cars, Sunday Driver

Bring Your Prized Possession to Whole New Level.

Conditions of vehicle’s vary and your needs are unique. We recommend that you visit our shop for a one-on-one consultation and will we customize your detail to fit your needs.

Custom Add-on Services


  • Clay Bar- Removes Contaminants imbedded in the clear coat – $50
  • Exterior buffing – One Stage Two Stage Three Stage scratch removal, paint correction, high gloss shine – From $150
  • Protection 12 – 18 months – Top Shelf Polymer Coating & Sealant Applied. Long lasting, high glossy shine, added UV, scratching & marring protection. Two Coats Applied – From $200. (Coating protections available lasting up to 60 months)
  • Polymer paint sealant 6-9 months – Chemically bonds to the surface – From $100.
  • Paint Correction – Hard water spots, severe scratching, oxidation, lime, tree sap – From $75/hour
  • Wet Sanding – From $75/hour.
  • Scratch Removal, Touch up Paint, Scratch & Color Filling – From $75/hour.
  • Bumper Scuff Repair – SAVE TIME and MONEY. High Quality repairs for LESS than most Insurance deductibles – Estimate Required.
  • Engine Detailing – $50
  • Headlight Restoration – $125.
  • Trim Restoration & Protection – From $50.

(Additional charges may apply for washing and contaminant removal.)


  • Seats – Steam clean, Spot and Stain Removal – From $50.
  • Carpet & Mats Spot and Stain Removal – From $75.
  • Full Interior Every square inch is cleaned including the overhead and trunk (steam and hot water extraction) – From $ 150.
  • Smoke and Odor Removal – $65/hour.
  • Fabric Protection – From $75.
  • Ozone Treatment – $50.
  • Vinyl Lock Protectant – from $50.


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