Quality Car Care LLC

Facts & Tips

1) What is professional auto detailing? Auto detailing consists of the fine art and science of maintaining or restoring the cosmetic appearance and cleanliness of an automobile. This is not to be confused with a car wash or just any establishment that offers detailing services. Each vehicle and it’s needs are unique and the process is different for each vehicle and it’s owner. A professional detailer will inspect your vehicle and create a custom list of services to make your vehicle look it’s best and meet your specifications. A professional detailer is a trained and certified technician in proper care and maintenance of your vehicle. Knowledge with regards to proper product usage and application are essential so as to provide your with professional results that protect and last. A professional detailer will also educate you for proper care and maintenance after your detail has been completed. Today many professionals including DiFiore’s Auto Detailing are a member of the IDA (International Detailer’s Association) Joe DiFiore is also a member of the Detailer’s Network International and the Detail Mafia ( a private training group of professionals, find them on Facebook )

2) Are you certified? Yes. I am a trained IDA operator and certified technician. I have received advanced training with one of the detailing industry’s leading professionals Renny Doyle (Detailer Air Force One) I also attend ongoing industry training with the IDA and hands on training with other professional detailer’s annually.

3) How much do I need to spend? That depends on your vehicle size, condition and level of service desired. No two details are alike and our service is customized to your specifications.

4) Do you have Insurance? Yes. We carry garage keepers and liability insurance.

5) Do I need an appointment for a consultation? No appointment is necessary for consultation services. Visit our shop 7am to 6pm Monday thru Friday. This service is free of charge.

6) Do I need an appointment to schedule a detail? Yes. Please call or visit our shop. This is ensure we allocate enough time to perform your detail to your specifications. Most of our clients drop their vehicles off the day or night before.

7) How long will I be without my vehicle? Most full details are performed same day service. Vehicles needing paint correction, odor removal, advanced stain removal or other technical services, a two or more day service is recommended.

8) What are your forms of payment? Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover, Checks and Cash.

9) What are your hours? 7am to 6pm Monday thru Friday.

10) Why choose us? We are trained professionals and attend ongoing professional training and development activities. We use only quality professional equipment, supplies and organic products. We always promise to be fair and ethical in all business practices. We support the code of ethics of the IDA and Detailer’s Network International We operate in accordance with regulations set by the federal, state and local governments.

11) What is a coating? Nano coatings consist of glass nano particles that create a hard protective molecular barrier between your clear-coat and the elements. It’s benefits offer you the the highest level of paint protection the industry has to offer. It’s benefits include: added UV protection, reduced marring from washing, drying and snow removal, bird droppings, tree sap, to tar and road grime. Shine and gloss are magnified! Nano coatings are recommended for new car protection and cars less than five years old. Recommended for Sunday drivers, classics and show cars. For vehicles with water stains or scratches a paint correction step is required.

12) How often should I wash my car? Automotive industry standard recommends every two to three weeks.

13) What should I use to wash my car? Use a high quality car wash soap or no rinse wash, micro-fiber wash mite and drying towel. You may also purchase a professional grade wash kit from our shop with free instruction for proper care.

14) How often should I have my car detailed? That depends on care after the detailing has been performed. Most of our clients have there cars detailed annually. For our clients desiring a higher level professional service and maintenance, they will visit us two to six times a year for cleaning and protection services.

15) Will detailing help sell my car? Yes. Professional detailing will increase the value and is most cases the detail cost is recouped upon the sale with additional profit. Your car will sell quicker and expand your market of perspective buyer’s because it is clean and has a well maintained appearance.

16) What is paint correction? Paint correction is the removal of oxidation, scratches, swirls, mineral deposits and various paint defects. This process restores the luster and beauty to the painted surfaces of your vehicle making it look like new again. A paint thickness gauge is used for proper clear coat correction.

17) What is a paint thickness gauge? A paint thickness is a precision electronic instrument and is used for paint correction and wet sanding operations. It’s use aids the detail technician to remove clear coat safely and maintain manufacture’s specifications.

aboutgraphicmed18) Can all smoke and smoke and odors be removed? In most cases yes. Once the source is eliminated a thorough steam cleaning and hot water extraction will be performed with organic odor eliminating products. Ozone treatments are recommended.

19) What is an ozone treatment? This is a special process that utilizes an electrical current. Nature creates O3 as a natural cleaner during thunderstorms. Normal oxygen (O2) is converted to (O3) which is commonly called ozone. It converts back to O2 in about an hour. This leaves the fabrics and air clean and fresh. Organic and natural!

20) Can all headlights be restored? We can restore about 85% of all headlights. Headlights that are worn and faded on the inside of the lens should be replaced.

21) Will there be any chemical residue or odor after my car is detailed? We use safe Organic ph balanced products to remove stains and clean your vehicle. Also Vapor Steam is used leaving your car clean and Germ Free as well.

22) Washing your car with Steam, Water and No Rinse Wash and Shine. State of the art detail washing equipment is used to wash your vehicle using as little as five gallons of water. We can now wash your vehicle better using less water. Steam and low water volume power washing clean your vehicle better than a standard hand wash by using less water and is good for our Environment.

23) What is a clay bar? Detailer’s clay is like a fine piece of putty that is used to remove contaminates from the clear-coat. It is used after initial decontamination and washing is completed. This process prepares the paint for buffing.

24) Will buffing damage the clear-coat? Routing buffing and polishing will not harm your clear coat. Instead it will deep clean the surface and feed polishing oils into the clear coat and leave a smooth deep mirror shine.

25) Is a touch-less carwash a good way to wash my car? As with all car washes, harsh chemicals high in ph alkaline are used to remove dirt and grime from your car. Soap and chemicals left behind leave paint stains, and deteriorate the plastics and clear-coat.

26) Policies. Please remove all personal items from your interior and trunk. A $25 charge is applied for removal, storage and replacement of personal belongings. A deposit of 30% is required to reserve day and time for your appointment. Cancellations require 72 hours notice for a full refund. We understand that emergencies do arise and we will be happy to reschedule your appointment in that instance.